October 18 2014 - Durango, Colorado

Durango Wedding Cropped full Rez

We are grateful for the beautiful pictures taken by the talented Thy and Kyle duo—more can be found in this album. If you’re looking for a photo you don’t see there or you need a higher resolution version, let us know!

We’ve also compiled some pictures taken and shared by friends in this other album. Feel free to send us others we might have missed.

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Plus, we wanted to share some of the music from the weekend, especially if you missed some of it (or couldn’t hear it, in the case of Friday evening’s dinner). The list on the left combines chill parts of the weekend, while the list on the right is a partial set from the dance party (there were many more songs you only heard 1.5 minutes of—yes, lesson learned for first time DJ Tambot). [To listen, Spotify will make you create a login, if you don’t have one (there’s a free version).]